People are, essentially, lazy. And much though it pains me as a writer, that means that they are often too lazy to read even the most carefully crafted copy. In the YouTube age, they want movies, they want podcasts, they want films. They want to watch and learn without all that effort of reading and understanding.


Fortunately, I studied a Masters Degree in Screenwriting and won Best Audio Visual at the Green Awards in 2009, so I can help you create movies that really move your customers.


From corporate DVDs to short films for your website, from product launch videos to instructional films to support your products, I can help you to condense your message into a short script, with scene directions, that you can take to a production company to give your project a flying start (and often save you a fortune in the process).

To talk about your video project, drop me a line on the email or give me a call today.




“Committed, diligent and conceptual, Simon has an ability to take his concepts into copy in a way that delivers the selling message directly whilst engaging the target market in an informative and precise manner.”

Chris Thomas, Creative Director Ainsworth & Parkinson