SEO copywriting


There's a lot more to SEO copywriting than simply putting the SEO target words in your SEO copy as often as possible, so that anyone searching for the SEO words will find the SEO words and the SEO will work.


The real skill is including as much optimized copy as possible without ruining the natural feel and flow of the text. Bad SEO copy (such as that above) may get people to your website, but it won't keep them there, and it certainly won't impress them enough to consider using your company or buying your products.


Over many years writing for the web, I have learned how to create copy that clicks with both the search engines and your potential customers, without compromising its performance for either.


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“Redrow Group Marketing have worked closely with Simon on our New Heritage Collection and his ability to help create a tone of voice for each individual homestyle has been invaluable. We will continue to work with Simon on further projects and strengthen our existing working relationship.”

Kim Peters, Group Sales & Marketing Director, Redrow Homes